SGMC Designated as a Level III Trauma Center, Strengthening Emergency Care Services in South Georgia

June 26, 2023

South Georgia Medical Center is proud to announce its designation as a Level III Trauma Center by the Georgia Department of Public Health, a significant milestone in the provision of emergency care services in South Georgia and the surrounding areas. This designation signifies SGMC’s enhanced capabilities to provide comprehensive and specialized care to patients with traumatic injuries. 


As a designated trauma center, SGMC has met rigorous standards and demonstrated the ability to deliver specialized trauma care services promptly and effectively. This designation is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to providing the highest level of care to patients in critical conditions, ensuring they receive the best chances for survival and recovery. 


“We are very excited to be recognized as a Level III Trauma Center and to be a part of the Georgia Trauma System, a highly organized system of care that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of all in our state,” said Ronald E. Dean, SGMC President and Chief Executive Officer. “This designation is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our remarkable physicians and staff.” 


A Level III Trauma Center is prepared to provide an advanced level of care to trauma patients before they even arrive at the hospital. The designation signifies organized care beginning with emergency medical services, fire, and law enforcement response, and continuing through every aspect of patient care. SGMC’s emergency department has undergone specialized training, developed protocol, and implemented necessary equipment for the immediate assessment, resuscitation, surgical intervention, and stabilization of injured patients.  


SGMC is now one of 10 hospitals designated as a Level III Trauma Center in the state of Georgia. The closest trauma centers are 45 and 90 miles away, a significant distance in the case of time-sensitive trauma care. In addition, SGMC fills a needed gap for a trauma center along Interstate 75 in South Georgia. 


Trauma Program Manager Emily Brown, who has spearheaded the trauma designation effort, emphasizes that this is a tremendous accomplishment that will greatly benefit the residents of our communities and service areas. 


“Our team has worked so hard to bring this program to our hometown hospital to better serve our patients and their families,” she shared. “We are excited about building and expanding trauma care for many years to come to meet our community’s needs.”  


SGMC’s trauma program is equipped with 24/7 coverage by skilled surgeons and specialized staff to care for patients at a moment’s notice. This includes seamless collaboration with related departments such as imaging, laboratory, and surgery to provide safe and efficient care. 


“The hard work of our entire hospital team, as well as the first responder agencies, was highlighted during our trauma survey,” said Dr. Jared Sanders, Trauma Medical Director. “We are so grateful for the support of our hospital and our community.”   


SGMC treats patients who have suffered traumatic injuries from car crashes, motorized vehicle accidents, falls, gunshot wounds, violence, and more. Trauma injuries represent the leading cause of death for people under 44 and the fourth leading cause of death for all ages. 


SGMC’s trauma program also offers injury prevention education and community outreach, regularly collaborating with area first responders to offer emergency training initiatives. 


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