Hamilton Medical Center expanding with 175,000-sq.ft. Cardiovascular Pavilion

May 17, 2023

Hamilton Medical Center, not-for-profit hospital and flagship of Hamilton Health Care System, announced plans today for a record-setting facility expansion, approximately 175,000 square feet, to serve the growing cardiovascular needs of the region.


The Robert E. Shaw family has provided a gift of support for the cardiovascular pavilion, which will house cardiovascular surgery and an array of cardiovascular specialty services, such as electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, and structural cardiology.


Robert E. Shaw, flooring entrepreneur and longtime Hamilton supporter, stated, “Our family has been greatly affected by heart disease and we are committed to improving the lives of others in our community and in the surrounding region for generations to come. By providing this gift for Hamilton’s facility expansion, we are supporting the continued growth of the first-class cardiovascular program at Hamilton so that everyone has access to the very best care.”


Jeff Myers, president and chief executive officer for Hamilton Health Care System expressed his gratitude and outlined the Hamilton vision for cardiovascular care at Hamilton, “Hamilton is extremely grateful to Mr. Shaw and the Shaw family for their gift of support.” Myers continued, “From Hamilton’s very beginning in 1921, the hospital, and subsequently, the health system, has been known for bringing healthcare innovation to this region, including open heart surgery and advanced cardiovascular care.”


The cardiovascular program has seen high growth in the last few years, especially with the development of the cardiovascular surgery program. Myers explained, “For far too long, cardiovascular disease has taken a tremendous toll and we have felt the loss of too many of our friends, families and neighbors in this region. Hamilton has recruited best-in-class teams of surgeons, physicians, nursing, clinical and support staff because excellence in cardiovascular care is what everyone deserves and it is what Hamilton demands of itself and for those it serves. Our pledge to our patients and to each other is Excellence. Every Person. Every Time. This facility construction project represents our commitment to our pledge, physician-led and patient-centered care, and our continued commitment to revolutionize the future of healthcare.”


With news of hospital and health system mergers across the country, including the north Georgia/southern Tennessee region, Hamilton is one of the few remaining independent health systems with its leadership and Boards of Trustees local to the region it serves so that when planning for, consulting with, and deciding on future developments, it is done with the unique needs of the region front and center at all times.


  1. Lamar Lyle, chair of the Hamilton Health Care System’s Board of Trustees, and Robert Chandler, chair of the Hamilton Medical Center Board of Trustees, jointly echoed Myers’ remarks, expressing their gratitude to the Shaw family and support for this remarkable facility project, “Hamilton is deeply rooted within the history and the innovative spirit of this region, for which Mr. Shaw and the Shaw family are also known. The Boards of Trustees of Hamilton Medical Center and Hamilton Health Care System recently approved and fully support the hospital and system in the plans to develop this regional center for excellence in cardiovascular care, which will further expand Hamilton’s best-in-class heart program and allow people from this region and beyond to have access to the very best in heart care. The Shaw family’s gift is a fundamental step toward making this happen. It is an extraordinary commitment to the future of healthcare in this region, and the Boards of Trustees for Hamilton Medical Center and Hamilton Health Care System wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Shaw and the Shaw family.”


Scott Sellers, Whitfield Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees chair, remarked, “The philanthropic support from this community is not often seen in other communities and it has provided healthcare opportunities which might not otherwise be available at hospitals similar to the size of Hamilton Medical Center. The Shaw family gift is a significant level of support for continuing Hamilton’s vision and commitment to innovation and excellence in cardiovascular care.”


As with past construction projects, such as Peeples Cancer Institute and Anna Shaw Children’s Institute, Hamilton places patient-centered care as the top priority in this new construction endeavor. To that end, Hamilton has sought input from physicians, providers, clinicians, and operational and support staff in developing the plans and project scope for the cardiovascular facility construction project.


Ateet Patel, M.D., Hamilton’s chief of cardiology, commented, “The cardiovascular team is dedicated to heart care excellence, the continued development of new treatment modalities, and integrating the latest technological advancements as we revolutionize heart care in this region. This state-of-the-art cardiovascular construction project and the philanthropic support from the Shaw family will provide even more opportunities to meet the growing heart care needs of those we serve.”


Richard Morrison, M.D., Hamilton’s medical director of cardiac surgery, stated, “This has the potential to change lives. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death, and many of our patients possess heart disease risk factors that are prevalent across the region. We are very grateful to Mr. Shaw and the Shaw family for their gift and for their commitment to Hamilton and to healthcare in our region.”


Michael Hartley, M.D., Hamilton’s medical director of vascular services, commented, “With the high occurrence of vascular disease in the region, and the often co-occurrence with heart disease, the cardiovascular pavilion construction will make a significant difference for those we serve. We offer our sincere gratitude to Mr. Shaw and the Shaw family.”


For more information about the cardiovascular services at Hamilton, including cardiovascular surgery, visit


Hamilton will continue to provide updates throughout the construction project, to which Myers stated, “Hamilton has begun the construction process, which starts with state review and approval.” He continued, “A project this important for the people of this region, and with the support and commitment of the Shaw family, will be state-of-the-art in both design, construction, and patient experience. We look forward to welcoming in our friends, family and neighbors to celebrate the completion of the cardiovascular pavilion and to celebrate the future of healthcare excellence.”