Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals recognizes Deb Bailey from Northeast Georgia Health System as first recipient of “Outstanding Women of Healthcare”

October 25, 2022

The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals, which represents 104 not-for-profit hospitals in Georgia, presented their first “Outstanding Women of Healthcare” award to Deb Bailey, Executive Director of Government Affairs for Northeast Georgia Health System.


“Georgia has been fortunate to have Deb Bailey watching out for our patients and our hospitals. Her career encompasses the changes in Georgia, our population, Northeast Georgia Health System, and healthcare in general, from serving as a bedside nurse, a nursing leader, early proponent of computers in healthcare, and the strength and security of Georgia’s modern healthcare system. She has consistently put patients first throughout her career,” said Monty Veazey, President and CEO of the Alliance.


“She has helped lead the technological revolution in patient care and expanded the role of women in leadership in healthcare. She served as Vice President for Nursing for a number of years, placing her passion for direct patient care at the forefront. She has been a great nursing educator, holding many roles, and contributing volumes to the professional and academic literature, including the American Journal of Nursing’s Book of the Year, and as a co-author of four psychiatric textbooks and numerous contributions to test on medical topics and her latest work on the opioid epidemic,” said Carol Burrell, President and CEO of Northeast Georgia Health System.


“No one has done more to advance Georgia’s healthcare system with the patient at the center than Deb Bailey,” said Georgia Senate President Pro Tem Butch Miller, who represents part of Hall County.


Mr. Veazey and Ms. Burrell were joined in presenting the “Outstanding Women in Healthcare” award by Senator Butch Miller, Senator Steve Gooch, State Representative Dr. Lee Hawkins, State Rep. Matt Dubnik, Ms. Bailey’s husband, Jerry Coker, and other members of her family.