SGMC Offers Robotic System for Total Knee Replacement

March 4, 2022

Total joint replacement is one of the most commonly performed elective surgical procedures in the United States. South Georgia Medical Center recently began using new technology that allows physicians to better control surgical instrument movement during these surgeries. 


SGMC now offers the Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA® Knee System, which couples robotic technology and industry-leading knee implants to help surgeons personalize surgical procedures for their patients.  


The system includes features that assist with bone resections and assess the state of soft tissues in order to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively. System data enables surgeons to make complex decisions while using computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments—resulting in greater precision and flexibility during procedures.      


SGMC Chief of Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Eric Stiefel states, “We’re thrilled to able to offer this advanced technology to patients. There are many key benefits and advantages to using the surgical system for both the surgeon and the patient. It’s a very well advanced system and we believe our patients are going to be just as impressed as we are.” 


“Total joint replacement surgery is a major surgery and can be a difficult decision for patients to make. We are hopeful that this new technology will help make that decision easier, as our patients can trust they will be well taken care of on the operating table,” explained Dr. Stiefel.   


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