Hamilton Medical Center providing the highest level of safety, comfort, convenience for healthcare providers

October 18, 2021

Hamilton Medical Center has begun using the MAXAIR® controlled air purifying respirator (CAPR) system to provide unprecedented protection and comfort for healthcare workers who have extended exposure to patients with COVID or other highly transmissible diseases.

MAXAIR CAPR® Systems are advanced powered air purifying respirator systems approved by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Hazard (NIOSH) for protection against aerosolized and airborne particulates.

The MAXAIR CAPR Systems provide overall safety, comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness versus mask respirators and conventional powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs). In addition, it provides an extra level of patient friendliness and better communication because patients can see the entire face of the healthcare provider.

“One of the best benefits of the MaxAir CAPR systems is that it provides greater freedom of movement while protecting the wearer from viral and bacterial pathogens,” said Perri Correll, director of Infection Prevention. “The simple design of the CAPR protects the wearer and makes it less intimidating to users and patients.”

The wearer’s ears are outside of the helmet so that the healthcare provider can use a stethoscope and a telephone.

The protection offered by the CAPR system is a step up from that of face masks. It provides a higher level of protection than N95 respirators in healthcare settings where providers may need to be with a patient for extended periods of time. N95 respirators, personal protective equipment for protecting the wearer’s face from contaminating particles or liquid, can also be uncomfortable.

“The MAXAIR CAPR keeps the wearer cool, comfortable and safe,” said Correll.

The CAPRs can be modified to be used in other pandemic emergencies like Ebola.