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October 5, 2021

Tanner’s patient app makes managing healthcare easy


For Carrollton resident Beverly Parkman, an app from Tanner Health System is an answer to the anxiety she’s often felt awaiting a test result.


With more than 50,000 Tanner patients now using the app to schedule medical appointments, get test results, message their medical providers and pay their bills, Tanner’s MyChart has seen continued growth in the two years since the health system launched it.


And for patients like Parkman, it’s also offered peace of mind.


“Most of my doctors are on MyChart, so I can usually see my results in the app before they call or send a letter,” she said. “I like that. I don’t have to be waiting anxiously. I can get on with my day.”


Routine healthcare tasks — such as viewing test results, scheduling doctor’s appointments, requesting prescription refills, messaging healthcare teams and more — can be handled in just a few clicks. That’s made the app a godsend for patients engaged in their care like Parkman, as well as for patients juggling busy, multigenerational families.


Parkman also refers often to her calendar of upcoming appointments on MyChart, as well as the list of other things she may still need to schedule such as a flu shot or a mammogram. She also has the option of viewing test results as soon as they’re available and securely messaging her medical providers with questions.


“When I had pre-op tests for a surgery this summer, I was amazed that the results appeared on My Chart within about an hour and a half! They came through that quick!”


“If I am not sure what the results mean, the doctor is always available to provide more perspective or answer my questions,” Parkman said.


Parkman and her husband, David — both long-time volunteers at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton — have been using the app since its introduction at Tanner two years ago. Help with sign-up was offered as a perk for volunteers, and they went for it.


For the Parkmans, the app has made managing their care easier with features available around the clock.


Admittedly, she uses MyChart more than her husband does.


“He just doesn’t go to the doctor as often as I do. But when he does, he checks his MyChart,” she said.


David Parkman likes the app’s intuitive security features, such as the login with facial recognition instead of a password.


The Tanner MyChart app was launched in July 2019 as part of a new, single electronic health record across the health system to improve patient care and operation efficiencies.


The app provides patient insight to their care at Tanner’s own five hospitals and almost 40 practice locations across Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties, plus a growing list of independent practices that have signed on to participate in a special program called Community Connect. This creates a more complete patient record and makes MyChart available to more patients, while enabling these non-Tanner practices to maintain their independence.


Additional MyChart features include the ability to message your health care team through the app with questions, photos and other information; the ability to pay bills online and more.


A special proxy feature is also available to help manage health care conveniently and confidentially for young children or aging adults in the family who may need assistance.


“I highly recommend MyChart. It’s just so much quicker,” Parkman said. “I can still make a phone call if I need to, and that’s fine. It is nice to talk to people in the office. Life is short, and we have things to do!”


Learn more about Tanner MyChart — including how to sign-up for your own account – and watch a video about the patient app at

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