SGMC Enhances Neurosurgery Procedures with New Surgical Navigation Technology

June 16, 2021

South Georgia Medical Center now offers enhanced neurosurgery and spine procedures with the StealthStation™ S8, a surgical navigation system designed to help surgeons perform more accurate procedures in the operating room.


The device allows surgeons to track the location of surgical instruments during procedures, offering better visuals and quantified information for surgeons during neurosurgery to assist them in avoiding areas of the brain.


Dr. Brian Dawson, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer and Neurologist, states, “These navigation tools have been used in operating rooms for a long time, and to now have the latest version of this technology at SGMC is a blessing. Our patients will benefit as well as our surgeons as we now have real-time data during the surgery that allows us to improve our own accuracy during the procedure.”


The StealthStation™ S8 enhances previous generations with an intuitive new software interface, high-definition touchscreen monitors and advanced imaging capabilities that allow the surgeon to use pre-operative data during the surgery. The technology also offers planning components that allow the surgeon to review information and anatomical steps about the procedure before the patient enters the OR.


SGMC Neurosurgeon Dr. Kimberly Mackey said, “Image-guidance is a tool that neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons use in the operating room that is essentially like ‘GPS’ for the brain.  With this tool, we take the patient’s pre-operative imaging (CT or MRI) and register it to the patient’s head once they are asleep in the OR.  We can then localize the critical brain structures and the pathology, such as a brain tumor.  It is a great tool to help improve the accuracy and safety of brain surgery.”


SGMC has already performed over 30 surgical procedures with the StealthStation™ S8.


SGMC offers 24/7 neurological services and trauma care. Neurosurgical conditions and procedures treated at SGMC include brain and spine tumors, meningiomas, pituitary tumors, metastatic disease, brain and spine trauma, chiari malformation, hydrocephalus and VP shunt, a full array of spine care and more.