Wireless Monitoring System Improves Labor Experience at SGMC

December 9, 2020

The Birthplace at South Georgia Medical Center recently added advanced wireless technology for monitoring that provides mothers the freedom to safely move around during the labor process. The maternal/fetal wireless patch technology is a single patch system placed on the expectant mother’s abdomen. This cord-free, belt-free solution monitors maternal and fetal heart rate and uterine activity while offering patients more freedom of movement during the birth experience. Without cords connecting the patient to a fetal monitor, laboring mothers are free to get up as needed. The wireless patch technology may also be worn in the shower and bath.


“One of the great things about this system is the increased comfort and mobility it provides our patients,” said SGMC Administrative Director of Women and Children Services Peggy Knight, RN. “This really is a game changer for the labor experience and we are thrilled to have it. The small device uses a peel-and-stick patch to stay on the mother’s abdomen and bluetooth technology sends data to our monitors so we can effectively track contractions and maternal and fetal heart rates.”


The monitor allows patients the opportunity to choose how they want to labor, offering more freedom to move around the hospital, their room, and various positioning.


“We continue to focus on providing technology that supports a greater patient experience, which also includes a new secure video monitoring system for our newborns which will be in use next month,” said Knight.


SGMC delivers more than 2,100 babies per year with 12 obstetricians on staff and has the area’s only Level IIB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 24/7 coverage from board certified neonatologists to provide a higher level of care for babies born prematurely.


Obstetricians include Drs. Joe Clifton, Ellen Courson, Alexander Culbreth, Danielle McFarland, John Sharon, Robert Stark, Roy Swindle, Jerthitia Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Pamela Temples, Bolan Woodward, and Nikki Yarbrough. Neonatalogists include Drs. Venkatesan Gorantla and Corne Maydell.


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