SGMC Lab Professionals Honored as Hospital Heroes

November 18, 2020

South Georgia Medical Center honored its laboratory professionals as the November Hospital Heroes at its monthly Board of Directors meeting. 


According to Chief Nursing Officer Randy Smith, “Nurses and doctors all over the world are doing a phenomenal job day in and day out, but the role of lab professionals can not be overlooked as they have truly been some of the unsung heroes in the fight against COVID-19.”


It was the foresight of Laboratory leadership in obtaining necessary equipment and testing platforms early on that set the stage for appropriate treatment and triage of patients within the hospital. To date, SGMC has three in-house testing platforms and more than 40,800 samples have been collected and tested.


Additionally, the laboratory plays a critical role in the antibody testing and collection of convalescent plasma, providing blood products to help treat hospitalized patients with COVID-19.


Smith said, “Thank you for your commitment, dedication, critical-thinking and your problem solving skills. You have shown amazing resilience as you have adapted to evolutionary changes that have come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies regarding the understanding of this virus. You are all amazing and true heroes!”