Hamilton Medical Center opens internal medicine clinic

August 19, 2020

Hamilton Medical Center began seeing patients in its new internal medicine clinic on Aug. 17.

The clinic is a component of Hamilton’s new internal medicine physician residency program. Eighteen resident physicians will be treating patients at the clinic, under the supervision of an attending physician. The attending physicians are Daniel Grace, MD, Sarbjit Masson, MD, and Deidre Pierce, MD, program director.

“Patients who use this clinic will receive the benefit of two physicians treating them,” said Pierce. “There will be a lot of collaboration, which benefits each patient.”

Resident physicians have graduated from medical school and are involved in on-the-job training in a specialized area of medicine.

“Our residents are going to offer a unique perspective,” Pierce said. “They’re dedicated to treating and further educating their patients and themselves and serving the community that is supporting their training.”

Services provided at the clinic are geared toward these physicians becoming the primary care physicians for the patients they serve. This includes services like prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases of all types. Typical visits are for physical examinations, diabetes management, hypertension (high blood pressure) treatment and other general healthcare services.

Internal medicine is a discipline of specialists trained broadly and extensively to meet the healthcare needs of most adults. Internists combine knowledge of basic medical science with the humanistic (focus on human welfare, values and dignity) aspects of medicine.


The focus for Hamilton’s resident training is to provide unsurpassed service, with an emphasis on safety and quality outcomes. Hamilton’s training program features a learning environment that fosters leadership, ingenuity and creative solutions to complex health problems.

“We hope Hamilton’s internal medicine clinic will be a significant benefit for many people in this area who may not yet have a primary care doctor,” said Pierce. “Our goal is to help our patients have great continuity of care and to ensure the best quality of life possible.”