Hamilton Medical Center is first in the US to use advanced kidney therapy technology

September 17, 2019

Hamilton Medical Center, part of Hamilton Health Care System, recently became the first in the U.S. to use PrisMax, an advanced kidney therapy system to treat critically ill patients.

Developed by Baxter International, the technology was designed with real-world input from more than 650 healthcare providers around the world, the PrisMax system offers innovative technology used in the intensive care unit (ICU) to treat patients with acute kidney injury (AKI), which can be life-threatening.

“Hamilton is excited to be using this new technology,” said Elwyn Clark, DO, medical director for critical care at Hamilton. “This system will help up us provide advanced care for patients who are critically ill and keep them close to their families and support systems.”

PrisMax is a type of continuous renal replacement therapy, designed for patients who have injuries to or problems with their kidneys but are too sick to undergo regular dialysis. “This therapy can spread dialysis treatment out over 24 hours instead of three to four hours, making it much more gentle for the patient,” said Clark.

PrisMax includes new digital health features that allow hospitals to connect the system to electronic medical record (EMR) platforms. This enables straightforward integration of information from PrisMax to the EMR, allowing ICU nurses to spend less time manually documenting treatment data, while reducing the risk of transcription errors.

“I am impressed by the collaborative and close coordination of care between intensivists and nephrologists at Hamilton,” said Brian Tufts, Baxter’s U.S. lead for Acute Therapies. “The Hamilton team is truly bringing world-class care to a community setting in northern Georgia and Baxter is proud to support their leading patient care approach with our products and services.”